Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week 3 Continued: Backstory

It is the year 3000 and you are an astronaut on a mission! NASA has just reported that satellites have spotted an abandoned space shuttle that once belonged to space pirates who plundered the world’s treasure and tried to sell it to “outsiders”. Further investigation showed that the pirates had to abort their mission and abandon the shuttle due to the lack of resources necessary. In addition, the abandoned shuttle contains a massive amount of treasure. However, the keys to unlock the shuttle were scattered throughout the different planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. In order to retrieve the treasure, you must first locate all four keys to open the hatch. You are competing against other astronauts who are trying to get to the treasure first. NASA will recognize and award the first astronaut who collects the keys and retrieves the treasure. They will entitle the winning astronaut, "The Best Astronaut in the Galaxy." The winner also gets to keep the treasure. You will start at the furthest planet away from the Sun, Neptune, and travel your way across the solar system in search of the four keys. The ultimate goal is to reach Mercury, where the fallen shuttle is located. Finding the keys won’t be a simple task as many obstacles can hinder your progress. Good luck on your missions, astronauts!

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