Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week 3: Game board enhancement and mini game creation

As we are getting closer to the end of the semester, the game development process is beginning to heat up. Our group is getting a much clearer view of how our game is going to turn out.  A great deal of time was put into matching mini games with planets. Jason thought of matching Shuffleboard with Neptune. A key characteristic of Neptune is the rapid winds and ravaging storms. Our twist to shuffle board is instead of using a stick to push the disk into the scoring area, the player must use a straw to blow his disk into the scoring triangle. The straw, and ensuing air going through it symbolize the weather Neptune is known for. The Sharpshooter game will be paired with Saturn. Sharpshooter is a game that calls for the player to flick a marble across the playing surface into different compartments, which based on their size will represent different score values. The different compartments, in the shape of rings, represent the most well known characteristic of Saturn; its glorious rings. Mercury will be the playing field for tabletop basketball. The player must place their basketball into the launcher and fling it through the air into a miniature basketball hoop. Mercury is known for being bombarded with asteroids, which is evident by the planets' surface structure. An asteroid crashing into Mercury is simulated when the basketball hits against the backboard and hopefully falls through the hoop for a score. The final mini game, charades, is connected to Earth. Earth, being the only planet known to harbor life forms, is the logical choice for charades. Acting out different animals and actions represent the uniqueness of the planet.

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