Monday, April 7, 2008

Constructing The Game

As we continue to create the game, our greatest obstacle so far is constructing our mini-games with only limited resources. Jeff and I went to four stores on Sunday afternoon in search of materials necessary for our four mini-games. We were able to purchase most of the items needed, however there were some that could not be simply purchased. Fortunately, Jeff had the opportunity to find the remainder of the materials at his house.
Another problem that had arose was our limitation on the amount of money we can spend. This problem mainly applies to our abilities to get our game board consisting of the eight planets to be professionally printed. The cost of this process is overwhelming; we estimated the cost to be hundreds of dollars. Because our initial plan was to get our game board professionally printed, we had used twenty by twenty inch playing surfaces for each planet. Due to our situation, we now have to rescale these playing surfaces to fit a standard sheet of paper. Once this reconstruction is completed, we will print the planets onto photo paper using our own printers. This will save us both time and money. Hopefully, our final project will look just as aesthetically pleasing as we intended it to be.

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