Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ideas on the Table

The concept of the game has been created, the back story formed, and the planets all paired with a table top game. For the next stage of development, it was necessary to gain player feedback. The first objection noted was with regards to the game’s title; the players must travel around planets, not through stars. The new title is currently being worked on, although it will probably focus on the key collection aspect of the game. Planetary Key Quest was put forth by Professor Goeller, although no final title has been decided upon. The next objection focused on the tabletop basketball. Although a considerable amount of effort was put forth into creating a viable homemade version of the game, the triggering mechanism did not fire the ball at a viable angle. The ball either arced too high and landed behind the game or it fell short of its goal. To fix this, it was suggested that the group should simply purchase a professionally made game. Not only would this solve the trigger problem, but it would give the game a better appearance. After researching tabletop basketball games, a link was found to This version was compact and inexpensive. As such, it fits in with the tabletop theme but is not an economic turn-off to the target market. Then, not to make a bad pun, the idea of sponsorship was placed on the table. Because the game incorporates several mini-games, a company that sponsors the game could promote several of its products. Perhaps the game could have add-ons; the starter pack would have three or four planets and the others would be sold separately. Then, the additional planets with their respective games would have to be purchased from the sponsor company. Children could mix and match which games they chose to play in their pursuit of the treasure. Adding versatility to the game by giving the players choice would make the game more alluring. As development progresses, the game continually looks more promising.

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