Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pressure is On!

As game day is approaching us in just two weeks, the tension is building up. There were many technical changes we needed to make on our mini games. Professor Goeller explained to us that constructing our own games would not be a profitable or smart move because we want to present a game that will be attractive to everyone and avoid several form of criticism. Initially we thought that by developing our own games we are adding a creative element and that the game would be a result of our efforts. However, we realized Professor Goeller's proposition was the correct way to go. So now our tabletop basketball and Sharpshooter game will be purchased and incorporated to our overall game. Financially speaking, our game will probably be the most expensive out of all the other groups. Along with purchasing the min games we will need to save extra money in designing the overall game board, which will have to be excellent in order to enhance the presentation. Overall we are happy to invest our money into this project because in the end we are hoping this will all pay off. No pun intended.
Finally we worked on our title because "Journey Through the Stars" did not really explain the theme of the game, so we decided to improve the name and came up with "Space Race". Although this title might be changed by next week, we are hoping to come up with something along this basis. For next week, we are planning to have most of our purchases made and add finishing touches on the game board. We are planning to spend this whole weekend on this project because we are so determined to make it the best.

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